About Studio Visit

A couple of months ago I found a book about the contemporary art market, in the back of the book read how art market and art was so tied in a dependency that it's really need it to split this relationship. That parapgraph took so much my atention that during days I was thinking how would it be that posible. The answer that I propose for this dilema is the present Studio Visit Website.

So I imagine removing from the middle, between artist and public, the "Intitution" and/ or art market called museums, art galleries, etc. and disappearing the dependly. It was a nice picture.. but where they should meet? at the end the "instituion" is build as meeting points where art and public come together. And then artists studios appared as the key in the formula. Artists Studio could become in the "show room" where artists could be meet the public interested in their work, talk with them, see what they like and motivate them to buy small or big artworks, is a huge opportunity for the artists to build long relationships with their public. For the public is also a great opportunity to meet the person behind the artworks, ask their questions, negotiate directly and get art works with better prices.And the most important for both to share something they love.

For me Studio Visit Website is at the same time an artwork, an experimient of giving an step in the democratization of the art market, is also a way of learn about art and people and finally a way to make friends.

DHAdmann Statement

How I found to transgress the borders of art is through the deconstruction of the art market. Definitly art market has been pivotal in the writing of art history and in the definition of "good" and "bad" art and artists. My belief is that there are forces pressuring the art market to change and Internet is playing a central role. In the artist carrer to become famous, the artwork and the person loose its matter, like any people in virtual environments. Nevertheless this particular dematerialization is a construction based on his prominence or prestige, the results of peoples attention. "Attention by other people is the most irresistible drugs... This is also why it is becoming popular in our society to rank income in attention above money income"* Georg Frank, Economy of the Attention

Internet is a democratic media. It is an environment in which the artwork can be accessible for everybody. Besides being virtual, the Internet has something physical behind. Manuel Delanda calls "the new materialism". As human beings are physical, we need a physical experience in the artworks. This is why I create hybrid artworks with a virtual part (online) and a physical part (offline).

About DHAdmann

Mexican New Media Artist, I work and live in Mexico and Berlin. In 1990 complete my carrer as Software Engineer in Mexico. Worked for the corporative world many years. In 2002 I sold everything I had and went to Madrid to studied an MFA. Finishing the master degree started to make participative and interactive works like Stockartist.org (a proposal for a new and democratic art market) and worked as CTO for Artfacts.net . Since then my work has been shown in Museums like Conde Duque in Madrid, Arte Alameda in Mexico, as well as numerous international art fairs including Art Forum, Paris FIAC, Scope London, Scope NYC.

During the last years I have been working in very successful (and not so successfull) dot coms in Germany becoming a consultant in ecommerce and Magento (that is the tool that I used to create this website), organizing art exhibitions and building a familiy.

My website: dhadmann.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/davidhadmann (please like my page)

Twitter : @dhadmann (please follow me)